The best watch ever. Specifications: ✅
اضيف في : 17/01/2024     12:31 ص


The best watch ever. Specifications: ✅ Compatible with iOS and Android. ✅ Screenshot 1 54 inch HD, fully touch-operated with GPS support ✅ Very strong battery means you will forget about charging ✅ Water, dust and moisture resistance (it won't call when you put it on) 😂 ✅ Can make calls through it, answer and talk through it (it has mic and speaker) ✅ Runs Songs and complete control of music and voice ✅ Display the number of hours of sleep ✅ Alarm ✅ Off counter ✅ Display notifications for phone applications (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram). ✅ Measuring heart rate (Heart Rate ❤ ). ✅ Measuring blood pressure and blood oxygen levels. ✅ Calculate the steps of walking, running or cycling ✅ Calculate the calories burned daily ✅ Timeline while running 🛒 Order within Kuwait Messenger...