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Vacancy Available: JOB DESCRIPTION - Delivers recreational activities & games with energy & enthusiasm. - Organizes & leads youth activities, ages 6-12 years. - Determines the activities to initiate based on the ages & the needs of the children assigned to participate in the scheduled activity. - Intervenes when a conflict arises or when a child needs extra attention or assistance in order to enjoy the activities. - Makes sure the playing area, activities selected and the children are safe at all times. - Communicates with parents in a tactful and courteous manner to generate a high level of comfort. - Assists the General Manager in planning, organizing & implementing entertaining & educational programs. - Acts as a role model for the youth with regard to leadership, friendliness, diplomacy, honesty, fair play, sportsmanship & open-mindedness. - Reports to the General Manager. REQUIREMENTS: - One to two year's experience working with kids ages 5-12 years. - Experience working in school sponsored youth groups. - Background in Physical Education, collective Sport coaching is an advantage. - Ability to mediate, diffuse and/or resolve problems & negotiate resolutions. - Excellent verbal & written command of the English language. - Ability to design creative activities accordingly to the age and children’s needs. - Must be energetic, professional, polished and guest service oriented. For more info email us: agelie_enilegna@yahoo .com