StarFire SG1024/MA Printhead (INDOELECTRONIC)
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Price : KWD 419 Min Order: 1 - 5 Pcs Lead Time: 6 - 9 Days Port : CIF / Kualanamu International Airport Terms : T / T, Western Union, Money Gram, Wise, Xoom Products : Ori and Ready in stock Email : Buying StarFire SG1024/MA Printhead from indoelectornic is 100% safe, because the purchase of productsat indoelectronic provides official genuine products and 100% money back guarantee. To purchase online visit us: IndoElectornic sells : Printer, Printhead, Camera, Camcorder, Drone, Medical Electronic Description: The StarFire SG1024/MA is a compact, self-contained unit built to withstand demanding industrial textile and other applications. It uses field-proven materials to deliver consistent output over a long service life with continuous ink recirculation and single-color operation at 400 dots per inch from 1024 independent channels arranged in eight rows in a single replaceable metal nozzle plate that is designed to withstand abrasion. The unit is compatible with solvent, UV curable and aqueous ink formulations. Each SG1024/MA printhead has 1024 independent channels arranged in 8 rows in a single nozzle plate for resolutions up to 400 dpi. All 1024 nozzles can be fired simultaneously or individually. Features: . Robust and repairable construction . 30 picoliter nominal drop size . 1024 individually addressable jets . Incorporate VersaDrop™ binary and grayscale jetting . Continuous ink recirculation with RediJet™ . Removable/replaceable coated metal nozzle plate Apsom Technologies .SMART-6000 4H