EPSON Printhead FA12000 / FA12060 / FA12081 (INDOELECTRONIC)
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Price : KWD 226 Min Order: 1 - 5 Pcs Lead Time: 6 - 9 Days Port : CIF / Kualanamu International Airport Terms : T / T, Western Union, Money Gram, Wise, Xoom Products : Ori and Ready in stock Email : Buying EPSON Printhead FA12000 / FA12060 / FA12081 from indoelectornic is 100% safe, because the purchase of productsat indoelectronic provides official genuine products and 100% money back guarantee. To purchase online visit us: IndoElectornic sells : Printer, Printhead, Camera, Camcorder, Drone, Medical Electronic EPSON SURECOLOR F2000/F2100/F6000 F6200/F7000/F7100 F7200/B6000/B7000 Print Head FA12000 / FA12060 / FA12081 / FA12040 / FA12100 To be used with: Epson SC B6000 B6070 F6270 Epson SC F6000 F6070 Epson SC B7000 B7070 Epson SC F7000 F7070 Epson SC F2000 F7070 Epson SC F2100 F2170 Epson SC B7080 F6080 Epson SC F7080 B6080 Epson SC F7180 F6070 Remarks: Original